This photo is actually bringing me to tears as I write this caption, it is ugly but it is the truth, and unfortunately if we in our safe, peaceful places spent our lives in a beautiful delusion our ignorance would kill many more people than have already been slain. My heart is officially broken because of this truth

I want that everyone who is seeing this to reblog this picture. Probably no one will do it because it isn’t a skinny girl or fashion or food on this picture. On this picture is the truth what’s going on in OUR world where YOU AND ME live! Don’t close your eyes and pretend you haven’t seen this or haven’t heard about this. What’s happening in Gaza is terrible! We all should try in doing something against this! Please reblog this picture. It breaks everyones heart. It’s horrible. #PrayForGaza

A tragic Zionist massacre took place in East of Gaza City today. Israeli airplanes targeted one man; Gaza police chief Tayseer Al-batash. To kill one man, Israel bombed his entire house which led to the death of 18 of his family members and relatives. And also injured 50 others in the surrounding homes. By this time, only the blinded hearts do not see what Israel is all about .
Current update on Gaza: 1092 wounded and 164 deaths.
Picture: Father kissing his daughter “Yasmin” goodbye.

May God give all the families who lost their loved ones patience and strength.

This is a Palestinian kid from Gaza. His name is Khaled. He’s the only survivor from his family, Maleka family, after an Israeli missile attacked his house on July 12, 2014

Free free Palestine ! From the river to the sea Palestine will be free! 
- At the protest in Sydney, Australia at town hall.

Marseille.. #PalestineVaincra en We Heart It -